Xuzhou Datang Chemical Co., Ltd.


Product name: Chlorfenapyr
CAS No.: 122453-73-0
Molecular weight: 407.6128
Molecular formula:


InChI: InChI=1/C15H11BrClF3N2O/c1-2-23-8-22-13(9-3-5-10(17)6-4-9)11(7-21)12(16)14(22)15(18,19)20/h3-6H,2,8H2,1H3
Structural formula:


Boiling point: 443.5°C at 760 mmHg
Flash point: 222°C
Vapor pressure: 4.6E-08mmHg at 25°C
Uses: A new type of pyrrole insecticide and acaricide. Good defense against drilling, biting and chewing pests and mites. It is more effective than cypermethrin and cyanthrin, which is better than trichlorohydrin and tricyclic tin. The drug has the following characteristics: broad-spectrum insecticidal and acaricide; It has both gastric poison and the effect of the touch; No interaction resistance with other insecticides; There was moderate residual activity on the crops; Selective endolitic activity was absorbed by the root system in the nutrient solution. It is medium to the oral toxicity of mammals and low toxicity; Effective dosage is low (100g active component/hm2). Its remarkable insecticidal activity and unique chemical structure have received a lot of attention and attention.
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